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St Patrick`s Day Party, Thess..

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Just thought I`d stop by to invite you all to the St Patrick`s Day Party on March 17th...10pm start..
St Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland... and so every year here in Thessaloniki, the Irish & friends club get together for some fun..

This year we will be meeting up at LOTOS BAR, Romanou 4 street (opposite the White Tower)You don`t have to be Irish to join this fun, friendly international group... just wear something green for the party..

Hope to see some of you there..


  • Anne Fyfe

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    The party at LOTOS BAR is the first event for St Patrick`s week, the second event will be held at BENNIGAN`s ,across the road fro I.K.I.A. and behind the Hondos center..
    this party is the Guinness Party and will take place on Saturday 20th March, starting at 9pm...
    No tickets required for either event.. just pay your own drinks..

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