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How many people in India practice yoga?

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India is the birthplace of yoga, but I wonder how many people actually practice yoga in India. Do you do it for fun, relaxation, health, religious reasons? Do you practice it? How many people do you know that do yoga? Is it an activity that only the upper classes and religious ascetics do?

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    India is the birth place of yoga but only few people are doing this in daily. There has been a spurt in number of people that have taken up yoga by up to 30 per cent. Join our

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    No doubt, India is the birth place of yoga but only few people are doing this in daily. I this people should start yoga to become fit and healthy.

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    yoga , you can do anywhere to boost your performance. yoga is the secret of boost our energy.
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    Yoga can help you Improves Blood Circulation, Decreases stress, glow shining on face, weight lose and personal fitness. Yoga help in both Physical Health and Mental Health.
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    i live in an area where all the residents practice yoga in the park together before their day starts... i guide and teach them sometimes in the early morning since i am a certified yoga teacher. i also teach at an ngo for free and have seen many indians practicing on their own. so it is done - you just need to be awake to see it :) the gyms do exist but not everyone is interested in an exercise that will build lactic acid up and mess with your knees...

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    yes i agree that India is the birth place of Yoga but now i day i think 30% people do yoga in india but most of people can not give time for yoga due to survive of family.they sleep late and arise early to catch the bus or train for the job.they have no more time to spend on yoga so can not take the advantage of natural fitness..but all the people should do yoga for internal and external benefit...

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    i agree dat india is a birth place for yoga but there r very less number of people who practise it. most of the people here blong a middle class family who daily hav to run for dere job nd to earn to survive and few don't give preference. but now a day people running for gyms bcuz the want the result fast as conpare to yoga

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