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Teaching English

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Of all subjects, teaching English as a Second Language is the most demanded field. An estimated number of one billion individuals are learning English right now worldwide through certain means. Within China only, there are an estimated 200 million students of all ages. While the year-to-year growth rate of worldwide English learners may slow down, and high-paid areas like the Middle East, Japan, etc. may lose their comparative appeal, the demand for competent English teachers will continue to grow steadily in the following decades. Consider yourself fortunate if you are a native speaker of English and can teach the subject well. You will be in demand for your entire life. If you are taller, fair-skinned, have a posh accent, are well-dressed, possess a bachelor’s degree from one of the top-ranked world schools, and come from one of the nine native countries for immigration, you will have a high demand in China (and any other country). Even if you fall short of some of these preferences, as many of us do, there are plenty of examples of those who have a well-paid and fulfilling career, from slowly gaining a reputation for quality teaching and social behavior.
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