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How to get a real Working Permit in Malaysia? PVP/Employment Pass

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Company would like to hire expat staff?

Anxious about unable to apply Working Permit in Malaysia?
Interested to apply Working Permit in Malaysia, please contact us!
We are specialist in Working Permit Services for Expatriates
Employment Pass
?Category I
Basic salary min (RM10,000)
?Category II
Basic salary between (RM5,000 - RM9,999)
?Category III
Basic salary between (RM3,000 - RM4,999)
Professional Visit Pass
1)Welcome others local expat to apply
2)If failed to apply working permit, 100% fully refund to you.
For more information, please contact

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    If you are actually planning to work here in Malaysia, I recommend I found a job here when I just moved here in Malaysia.

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