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Please help. Room rental deposit loss. Is this a fraud?

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I went to meet the landlord to have a look at the place of the room I was interested in renting. After agreeing with the monthly rental of RM350, he demanded 2 months of deposit as booking purpose, and I deposited RM700. Because the current tenant is still living there until the mid of next month, we agreed that I am only moving in the mid of next month as well. However, he demanded that the rental for next month is to be paid fully immediately, instead of just half of the monthly rent. A week afterwards, the landlord suddenly informed me that the rent will be RM500 per month. I told him that it was not what we have agreed on, and that I would like to forfeit if he is adamant in not honoring the original said agreement. When requesting back for my deposit, he refused to give me back any of it. I feel so cheated. Is this legal? Can I bring this matter to the police station? Please help.

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