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Welcome to our e-community player
Imagine a world in which Malaysia is one of the weaker countries in the world ...
Imagine a world where politics unites and not divides ...
Imagine a world in which YOU can become a strong soldier, a great journalist, politician, a powerful businessman.
Imagine a world where you can become a reference point for you this ...
It's time now to stop imagining. It's time to welcome in the virtual world of erepublik. A world friendly to you, the new player and a community ready to be voithisei.Efchomai to like the game and find it interesting because it is.
Good time!

to strengthen our defense
To strengthen the economy of our country
must strengthen our voice, our allies
to practice creative political
can deal with business and the stock market
To become a Member, President, Secretary, Ambassador, Spy and many others to serve our country virtual eMalaysia
Register the game using the following link.

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