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The Corliss Group Review: What Consumer Electronics Show has in Store for the Fu

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Here is a short Q&A that provides an overview of Consumer Electronics Show:

Q: What is the Consumer Electronics Show all about?

A: The Consumer Electronics Show aims to serve as a launching pad for a new must-have gadget as spending on such new tools drops as the whole globe reaches a saturation point on the use of tablets and smartphones. Beginning on January 14, 2014, CES promises to showcase an “Internet of Things” with users at its heart. Once a venue for showcasing TV technology yearly in Las Vegas, CES now promotes once-dumb devices which are turbo-charged with interconnectivity capabilities for the modern IT user.

Q: Are these devices for everyone or only for specialized users?

A: There are basically two types of devices showcased: those which are feasible and those which are commercially viable. Like the concept cars shows we see around, CES has devices that are within the realm of possibilities (if some cars are dreamed of to fly eventually, IT devices might just have the same ability, as drones can show) and others in the realm of actually becoming a source for business ventures (innovative things which can be done can be sold).

Q: So, these are all devices that will not be available in the market in the near future?

A: If bendable screens and 3D printers, which are catching so much attention worldwide and being sold at a subdued level, are any indication, other gadgets similarly interesting and intriguing can eventually build their own market that will grow and make headway.

Q: Please give an example of a ‘once-dumb” device that can become interconnected?

A: Cars. Refrigerators. These things can be accessed or controlled through your smartphone – to turn on/off or open/shut a door at will. Even a bracelet which can track your bodily vital signs and help maintain a healthful life. Hence, anything for that matter, which can be made to provide information to the user as well as others who have access to the device?

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