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How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

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My workmates and I have been planning to go to Thailand for about a year now. We’re finally doing it in two months and we’re doing our individual research about the place and the culture in preparation. I saw in one of the blogs I’ve read that vendors in tourist spots can be quite pushy on what they are selling, and that they had a pretty bad experience with them when they went there for an asian matchmaking tour.
How do we turn them down without insulting them or appearing too harsh? The least thing we want to happen is to cause some trouble while in there. What do we do if saying “no thanks” won’t make them back off?

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    When going to the market, vendors will definitely try to offer you their items but if you're not interested with it you can just smile at them say "Mị̀" or just make a hand gesture that you don't want it. Thai people are friendly in nature so I don't think you'll be having a hard time regarding with this matter.

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