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Italian food in Uruguay

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Hi uruguayan people! How are you? I want to satisfy a curiosity! Why in Uruguay it's widely used italian food? I know you use a lot pasta and pizza. Isn't it? and above all Why? There has been some sort of italian domination or other kind of influence from Italy? please answer me about it thanks!

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  • innsent av  i Uruguay forum 

    Hi Giulia, there are many Italian immigrants like pizza dough is very rich in Uruguay, is simply good taste of food is that there is much use, sorry my English, Greetings Lourdes

  • Jeremy Bo

    innsent av  i Uruguay forum 

    Hola Giulia! El tema de la comida en Uruguay es que es básicamente italian food! porque la verdad que hay muchísimos descendientes italianos se dice que como el 60% tenemos descendencia italiana, y la verdad que también es para mi gusto de las mejores comidas, salvando la tortilla española xD

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