Europe, she loves!


Thessaloniki, Hellas Map

We are independent filmmakers based in Zurich, Switzerland. The director Jan Gassmann does fiction - and documentary films.

Now, We are planning to shoot a part of his next movie in Thessaloniki. I´m actually looking for couples living in Thessaloniki. The movie is called "Europe, she loves!". It's a film about europe: We are shooting an intimate portrait of couples in 5 citys on the edge of europe struggling to survive (Tallinn, Sevilla, Thessaloniki, Zagreb and Dublin). It's a political movie, but without everyone talking constantly about politics - it's about love! Or let's say the politics of love in a relationship. Following the theory that politics of everyday life are comparable with decisions made on a state level we want to show "The nation of two".

The search for the right protagonists is really important for the project and our crew is planning to be in Thessaloniki from the 28th of July onwards. We want to meet people, who are severly affected by the crisis.

Maybe someone, or a couple comes to your mind, I m really looking to get involved with people living on the edge, being artists of survival…

I think it's really important to tell the story of Thessaloniki and Greece of those days, because the big medias are ignoring it.

I greatly appreciate your help. Please contact me under or under

Kind regards