Fantastic weekend with Olga in the City of Lions (unique chance to sing with "Okean Elyzy")


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Why worth seeing?
Lviv is the City of around 4 500 Lions (monuments and images).
Lviv is the third attractive European city for weekend according “The Times”.
Lviv is the city of students and youth, each fifth local is a student.
Lviv annually holds around 100 festivals, one of the most important is Jazz Fest.
Lviv is a unique reserve of more than 2 500 historical monuments, more than 60 museums, it is UNESCO World Heritage.
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General journey information
Time: 22-25th of August (24-25th of August are public holidays in Ukraine).
Duration: 3 days (starts at 17-00 22.08 and ends on 23:00 25.08).
Starting point: Kyiv.
Type: investigation, emotional charge, relax.
Languages: English.
After a hard working day, there is a fantastic and unforgettable journey to the City of Lions! It is the most beautiful European corner in Ukraine that reminds Vienna with its numerous cafes and old streets, but has its own Ukrainian spirit - fantastic Ukrainian cuisine, kind and open people and its own monuments of history.

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