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Content Management System is abbreviated as CMS. It is software that helps users to create, manage, modify content on their website without the need for technical knowledge. We help you build this software for you which will help your business grow.
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    While developing an Android application you must be aware of the application components. So for this the components are loosely coupled with the application manifest file ANdroidManifest.xml. this file describes each component of the application and how they interact with each other.

    Below are four main components of an Android application.
    1. Activities- activities are the components that dictate UI and they handle interaction of the user to the smartphone screen.
    2. Services- this component handles the background processing with an application.
    3. broadcast receivers- broadcast receivers are the components that handles communication between Android operating system and applications.
    4. content providers- these are the components pet handle data and database management issues.
    now let us talk about what is activity.

    an activity will represent a single screen with a user interface which performs actions on the screen. For example, you have an email application with one activity that will show the list of new emails and there will be another activity that will show how to compose an email and there will be another activity to read emails.

    in the world of Android app development, a service is a component that will run in the background so that it can perform long running operations. for example if a service is playing the music in the background and the user is also doing work on a different application it will be called as a service.
    broadcast receivers
    broadcast receivers are the components that respond to broadcast messages from other applications or from the system. for example, the applications can also be able to broadcast to let other applications know that some data has been downloaded or uploaded to the device or not
    content providers
    the term content provider it's mostly used in Android app development system. it is a component that will supply the data from one application to another on request. the data is stored in the file system the database or somewhere else entirely.