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I need a job in China

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Hello. I am Ramik. I am 24 years old fellow. I am looking for person who can help get a job in China. I would really appreciate if there is some one like that. I speak fluently english, russian, turkish so if you can teach me chinese will be great, so I could give you a lesson of of this languages.

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  • Idź do Dwyane Lin profilu

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    Totally right

  • Idź do Tina Wang profilu

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    Hi, Ramik! Since you say that you could speak fluently English, Russian and Turkish, I think a language-related teaching job in China would be a suitable option for you! There are some basic requirements if you want to teach in China:
    1. Younger than 60 years old
    2. Having obtained a Bachelor degree or higher
    3. At least two-year experience in teaching
    4. No criminal record
    5. Having passed the necessary medical check
    6. All the application materials should be approved by your local P.R.C. embassy.
    7. If applying for language teaching positions, the candidates should come from native-speaking countries.

  • Idź do Yunzhen Jiang profilu

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    You can check my professional profile to find the link of searching for a job.
    If you are a native-English speaker, then being an English teacher in China might be a good option for you. As you may know, China's education industry is entering a golden age, expanding rapidly both in terms of industry size and market activity. Teaching is also a respected profession in China.

  • Angel S

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    You might want to consider teaching in China in International Schools since there is large demand for foreign teachers, especially if you are a native English speaker and have 2- year teaching experience or Teacher Certificates.

  • Xinyue Wang

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    hey, I think I could give you a simple idea, you could find a relevant job about teaching English in china, before gaining a job of teaching English in china, you need make Sure that you already have got a working visa and the followings are basic requirements
    Bachelor's degree or above in related subjects. (Degree needs to be authenticated by PRC Embassy).
    Two years’ related working experience.
    Age under 60.
    Non-criminal record.

  • Ariana Jiang

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    Since you can speak fluent English, Russia and turkish, maybe translator is a good job for you. Or you can consider being a language teacher in educational institutions or language schools.

  • Idź do peter li profilu

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    Hi, Ramik. In all subjects, teaching English as a Second Language is the most demanded field. An estimated number of one billion individuals are learning English worldwide right now. Within China only, there are around 200 million students of all ages.

  • Chaoqun Wang

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    Hi Ramik,
    May I give you some recommendations about finding a job in China? If you a native English speaker, you probably can be an English teacher in an institution/school. If you not, you also can teach Russian and Turkish because you are good at them. Besides, if you want to teach in China, you need to have a Bachelor degree or higher, Minimum of two years of teaching experience and no criminal record.

  • Undral Zhao

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    Hi,Ramik.What kind of job do you want? I think you can get a good job with your fluent English Russian and Turkish.You can learn Chinese little by little when you come to China.
    I am looking for a job in Brazil too, could any one give me an advice? I speak Chinese ,Mongolian and Englsih.
    GOOD LUCK, Ramik.

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