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Citizenship for investing in Montenegro - fingthing with crisis or attracting…

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Dear all,

Did you also read about the new law proposed by government of Montenegro that promises citizenship for everyone who invests at least half milion Eur in Montenegro?

Even though they claim that this is effective way how to deal with the crisis, I think it will attract the poeple with criminal past and those who want to launder money...

What do you think?

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  • Idź do Petr Centrovic profilu

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    Hallo Matthias

    Diese Offerte wurde 2010 avanciert. Jedoch hat sich die Montenegrinische Regierung davon distanziert.

    Man kann eine Staatsangehörigkeit beantragen, wenn man mindestens 5 Jahre in Montenegro gearbeitet hat.

    Gruss PC


  • Crna Gora

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    You might want to read this:


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