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Have you just joined our community? Then take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to our other members! What are you doing in France? What are you looking for in the community? And what are your ideas of how we can improve the France community?

We hope you enjoy the Just Landed as much as we do. Good luck in France!

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  • Juan Pablo Capilla

    dodane przez  w  Francja forum 

    Hi, Hola Tamara, como andas? Soy Juan Pablo de Argentina... tambien me encanta viajar y en junio voy a España, me gustaria estar en contacto con gente de allli, ya que solo tengo a un amigo que se fue a trabajar, la idea es viajar por todo Europa y conoces, y si es posible quedarme a trabajar en Francia. Este es mi mail [...] si tienes msn agregame. Besos y espero tu respuesta!.-
    J P

  • dodane przez  w  Francja forum 

    Hello! I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia (known for the famous Bali-island) ;)
    I'm 28 years old, currently work as an art-director in Advertising agency. Not yet in France.. but I visited Paris, Poitiers, Bordeaux and La Rochelle on October last year.

    I'm just starting to prepare everything I could do to move to France, get a job and live in Paris preferably, hehe.. I'm still enrolling in my french language course in CCF (Centre Culturel Français).

    By joining this forum, I hope I could meet people who could help me in moving to France (I've read some articles - a lot of paperworks need to be prepared!).


  • dodane przez  w  Francja forum 

    Hi I'm from Austria and I'm looking for some Informations about Paris/Ile De France because when I'm Eighteen I wanna move to Ile De France, to Study and to live there for my whole life.So please tell me when you all have Informations about Paris or Ile De France.THANKS ;)

  • dodane przez  w  Francja forum 

    I've been living in France my whole life, as I grew up here. Although I really love this country I'm planning to spend one or more semester abroad (Switzerland, Australia, ...).
    This site is quite helpful for getting information :-)


  • Idź do Mary Dillon profilu

    dodane przez  w  Francja forum 

    Hi all.
    I will be moving to Roussillon area next Spring and just thought I`d say hi.

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