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Recently, I have started an immigration consultancy firm in Canada. I am a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and also a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). If you are looking to hire an Immigration consultant, for a better discussion about immigration service. try us.
more detail : http://www.jadeimmigration.com/

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    si necesitas mas informacion o tienes una duda pregunta. con gusto te la amplio : )

  • Idź do Armando Sisto profilu

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    Hello Sir, are new to the forum, I'll explain the situation immediately. I'm almost 17 years and in two years I finish high school, I want to move permanently to Canada and my trip to 'University and get a life, specifically want to go to Toronto where there are uncles and cousins ​​of my father that I can not give me the work with which we see every year. As I was told (my father, my uncle, my cousin), I also think too that to do this I can not get the last three months of high school to prepare everything and then go to 'university in Toronto, there would also the material time. I read all the information on the website of 'Canadian Embassy and CIC for immigrants who want to become permanent residents permanent (and its method) and for international students who want to study at' universities and their differences. Now I would like to have some information, if I enter Canada with the international student visa after I make the request to become a permanent resident sponsor by making a cousin who also can give me the job just within Canada, then in the class rientrerei economic as well as in family class sponsors, if you can put in the application as the reason the sponsor family and also declare that they are taken regularly? Or I can just put a motivation? I have also read that the time varies depending on why you are applying more or less how long it takes? I would fall into the category Economic provincial nominee in the category?

    Or since I have read on the CIC that applying here in Italy from 'Canadian Embassy to the Provincial nominees it takes 15 months for the Italians' s waiting for an answer, together with the application could also indicate the sponsor family and the employment contract I would go to get going in Canada?

    With regard to the language chew well everything I learned in school, now just open the private courses of English I register, also the 'next summer and the next I have to go to Canada to learn' English, I have everything planned with my relative.

    I await your response.

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    charge for those services you provide

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    hello sir, i am intersted in canada.

  • Dory Jade

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    i have more than 8 years experience as a immigration service provider. I recommend you to fill online assessment form which help you in qualify for Canada immigration. If you want any query or more information regarding Canada immigration, Canada work Visa, Canada Study Visa. you can contact me through email. My email id is [...]

    To fill online assessment form you can visit my website : http://www.jadeimmigration.com/ or visit the link which given below.


    Best Regards
    Dory Jade

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    Hello Dory Jade,
    I wanna move to Canada. Can you be of help? I will take care of all costs.

  • Johnny Mangiante

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    Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Good job Dory.

  • muhammad asif

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    i am pakisytani and need to move in canada for job do want to my work my mobile no it 00923457852301
    reply me quickly

  • Ameh Emma

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    plz Dory Jade is not immigration, just do what he ask u to do online. there u will see if are qualified or not. he can not make magic to cross u guys overs.

    good luck to he that wana try.

  • sohail s

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    can we have a timeon skype i would like to talk on skype and i am interested about to move to Canada.
    please send me ur Skye id too

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