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Tax on Euro 40,000 - Germany

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Hi All !

Greetings !

I have been offered a job at Nuremberg at a base salary of 40,000 Euros per year.

Could anyone please tell me :

a) What percentage of this salary will be taxed (I am unmarried and don't have a common law partner) ?

b) Is this base salary adequate to live comfortably in Nuremberg ?

Please help me with answers so I may be clearer on whether to move now or not.

Thank you ever so much for your time and best wishes from sunny India !!!


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    so did you make the move?

    I would not have been able to help with the answer but am wondering if you made the decision. I am looked at nurnberg myself and would like to know the same questions/answers as you... can you share?

    Mem :)

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