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Horror Movies

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Hey friends i am interested in horror movies
do give me your favour and share the latest and reallly horror movies ....

  • sara farahi

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    i'm so excited for "Black Christmas" movie in 13 december 2019...
    i think "Black Christmas" is one of the best horror movies 2019... i really like this and can't wait!
    so for reviews of best horror 2019 you can visit Plaza Magazine (plaza.ir/mag)

  • Idź do billy smith profilu

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    I like to watch horror movies and my best and favorites horror movies are:

    The Loved Ones (2009)
    The Descent (2005)
    The Host (2006)
    Hostel (2005)
    Wolf Creek (2005)
    The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
    The Skeleton Key (2005)
    Saw II (2005)
    Them (2006)
    The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
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  • Idź do Jimmy Carry profilu

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    Horror movies are always mine favorite and i have also seen lots of horror movies. Recently i have seen a new movie named The Possession guy's its a really nice movie to watch. I have enjoyed it so much. Natasha Calis as Em was looking so nice....

  • adi adrian

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    j horror like the grudege and sam raimi movies like the possesion

  • Idź do steve adams01 profilu

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    I really like horror movies. I really enjoy horror movies. And my favorite horror movie is Truth or Die (2012). This is a story of british young boy and girl. I like acting of Florence Hall.

  • dodane przez  w  Szwajcaria forum 

    The grudge part Is the most horror movie I have seen.(It was part 3 or 4 something)

  • Idź do sam parker profilu

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    i also watched latest horror movies and i am huge fan of horror movies. and i like:-
    1.Final Destination
    2.Apartment 143
    3.Lovely Molly
    and much more at http://www.livewatchmovies.com/

  • Idź do mak warne profilu

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    Hi guys my name is makwarne Last night i have watched The Possession movie.guys really nice Horror movie...you must be watch it

  • Idź do merk motion456 profilu

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    Hey guys,
    I am merk Henry.I like to watch many types of movies like Comedy movies, Horror movies, Action movies. to watch because it is a best source of entertainment.Apollo 18 is my favorite Horror Movie.this movie is very Appalling. yesterday I watch this Movie In online on PC.


    you can watch south park TV show at tvs-southpark.com/

  • Idź do Jerry Den profilu

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    The Tall Man is the best horror movie and i think you must watch this movie. If you really like horror movie then defiantly you will like this movie.

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