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Looking for sports clubs (Rugby/Football)

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Hi guys,

I arrived in Budapest last week and will hopefully be here until may 2011 with a gap at Christmas to go back home in England.

Anyway as well as looking for some work I was hoping to get involved with some sports teams out here, either rugby union or football. I only speak English so I already know that doesn't help!

Would be cool if someone could just help out and point me in the right direction! Thanks!

Take care

  • Dean Gibson

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    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I'm back in the UK now. Problems with getting work out there!
    I would of joined you guys if I was still they're though. Thanks for the reply, finally got one :) ha.

    Take Care


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    Hi Dean,

    It was an old post, but do You still want to play football in Budapest ?
    We're playing every Tuesday at 5pm (for 1 hour or more). It's a company team :) a few players played in clubs, but most of us are just amateurs...usually 4 player in a team

    write if you're interested...


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