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Hi everyone.
I am a Spanish girl working as a teacher of English and Spanish in Budapest. I would like to meet someone who would be interested in learning Spanish or English and could help me with my Hungarian and German.

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    Hi Cristina,

    Thanks for your answer, and sorry for my delay, i was on holiday :)
    it sounds good, but i also has more work in this month in office, but maybe some evening i can manage it.
    What do you think, on which days are you free?
    And your level of hungarian? have you ever tried to learn this not so easy language?:)
    i'm looking forward to met your friends and of course you too.
    Just give a suggestion about this meeting, a try to leave earlier from office.


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    Hi Peter, how are you doing??

    I am inerested in learning Hungarian. However, for the following two months I have no much time left for studying it.

    It would be great meeting if you want, but, as I said, I don´t have time to study so don´t expect great advances in my learning.
    Let me know if you want to meet, I can introduce you to my friends so you can start making new ones.


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    My name is Peter, if you are still interesed in learning Hungarian, maybe i can help you,
    i also want to improve my english.
    I started working in Budapest 2 weaks ago so i didnt have to much friends,
    if you have interest write :)

    Have nice day

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