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What do you like most at budapest?

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Hi i moved to hungary for two months and im really impressed by budapest so i want to start a small conversation. Everybody should write write what he likes at most in budapest.
Help me making this beautiful city more common...

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    Hi Monika,

    tell me what is your favorite place and what kind of impressions do you feel on this place. I didn't think about a list of places, these you can find everywhere on the internet.

    My next place with my impression on it:
    Driving fom 0 Meter with the ropetram from the budauer side to the buda castle, and i really enjoy the drive upward with watching on the city. When i arrived upwards i really get emmotionally impressed by the historicaly station and i love it. Then i get out and see down to the city and listen to the violin player. With gaving him a little money he played for me a nice song and i just sit on the bank, watch and dream about.
    It was a sunny day and very windy so i could also listen the trees moving.

    On that day i was alone and i just could think about me.;-)

    thx for your answer


  • Mónika Bancsók

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    I'm a hungarian girl, so i want to suggest more beautiful places for you. :) You need to visit Buda Palace with Fisherman's Bastation. The view from there is amazing, especially at night. And don't forget to visit Gellert Hill. :) bye

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    i make the beginning.

    I love sitting on the margit island smelling the nature lisenting to the birds and the ships go thru and lisening to the water. Of cource with the love on ones side this place is very romantic.

    Thats just one...
    Waiting for your answers...


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