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Where did all the charm of Budapest go?

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Many people are talking about how charming Budapest is, but when I finally went to see it, I wasn't very impressed. The city was cold and empty, the streets were not clean and in each metro stop there were homeless people. Also there is traffic everywhere. The city's busiest roads line the main tourist attractions. Combination of all this made me not fall in love with Budapest... Do you have similar exparience? Or you think I missed out something?


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    Dear Lies,

    You are absolutely right! These things are not so attractive and I also hate the terrible traffic and homeless people around me. Although this is the worst side of Budapest.
    There are very beautiful places, restaurants and attractions wich are worth to visit. I can advise you the Great Wine fest of Hungary at Buda Castle Starting from 8 Sept. - until 12 Sept. This program will garantee you a very great entertainment:

    with Kind Regards,

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