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4 Facts you should know before moving to Dubai

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) consists of the seven small emirates which slightly varies in size and culture, Dubai is the largest state and the most popular one.
Burj Khalifa and The World (archipelago) have attracted millions of visitors as Dubai Tourism Vision aims to welcome even more than 20 million visitors in 2020, so if you are willing to visit or move to the UAE there are 5 main facts you should know before you consider your next step:

All sexual relations outside marriage is a crime: UAE is liberal and unmarried couples cohabiting is illegal also (LGBT) rights are badly suppressed in all 7 Emirati states and visitors may get deported, however, most hotels turn a blind eye to this matter especially the luxury ones. You just need to be careful about what you say about yourself to the public or the officials, as you will notice people refer to their partners as wife and husband instead of girlfriend and boyfriend.

You cannot do anything fun online: UAE aims to block all VOIP applications so if you use Whatsapp or messenger for communication with friends and family you should probably consider this problem in your calculations, there are only a few trusted VPNs perfectly work in Dubai such as NordVPN and Express
learn more about VPNs here:

Freedom of speech in the UAE: freedom of expression, press, and speech are extremely violated, where residents who have spoken about human rights issues are at serious risk of arbitrary detention, imprisonment, and torture. Many are serving long prison terms or have left the country under pressure according to HRW, also you should avoid mocking Islamic religion and be careful about what you say about the ruling family to the public.

Traveling during Ramadan:
If you’re travelling in Ramadan (which is not recommended ) you should know that it is not allowed for you to eat or drink in public places during the daytime until sunset. Most restaurants will be open only for delivery. Entertainment such as loud music, dancing, etc is prohibited throughout the month so clubs usually stay shut.
Alcohol is allowed only after the sunset prayers most bars, no parties or concerts during this month.

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    Try dance classes or zumba if you are interested. Since it's covid, most of the dance school have offers running.

    https://jazzrockers.com/ Maybe try this dance school in dubai? They seems to have 50% off running

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