Centered Yoga By Dona Holleman Held By Francesca Petrilli In Chamonix 2020

Centered Yoga By Dona Holleman Held By Francesca Petrilli In Chamonix 2020

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Mauna Yoga Chamonix

1207 Route des Pèlerins, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France Mapa

This intime and focused training is made especially for yoga teachers and sinceres students who are interested in introduce yourself to the method of one of the most influential teacher of teachers Dona Holleman. This workshop will be held by Francesca Petrilli, owner of the Centered Yoga studio in Milan, where she run training courses for teachers under the supervision of Dona Holleman since 2010. Deepen your learning on yoga and take your yoga practice to a different level. Don't miss it!
This method is a bridge between East and West, between tradition and innovation, it is the the wellbeing of the body and the mind and the re-awakening of the energetic body. The method was born from Dona Holleman exposure to the teachings of her great, first and only mentor, B.K.S. Iyengar of whom she had been a pupil during the 1960's and 1970's in Pune, India. Dona has given a female body to the Iyengar approach, setting at the center of the system, care and respect for the body and the laws governing it. The method falls within the sphere of traditional hatha yoga, and its focus on the execution of the postures of the asana is essential in order to find alignment and balance, just as awareness of breathing will render the asana more harmonious and the practice more fluid. Suitable for all ages and for whoever wishes to improve their technique, their health and sport performances and relieve physical or mental tensions, rebalance energies and dissolve stress.
During the 3 days workshop all students will be introduced to the Eight Vital Principles of Centered Yoga Practice by Dona Holleman. Starting from the Meditative State of Mind or 'no-doing' of the mind and through the Intent we'll discover the Energy Body or 'no-doing' of the Physical Body. We will take your yoga practice to a different level, where the effort leaves place to quiet, deep and revitalizing movements to help you find the Inner Vital Energy.

Early Bird: EUR 270.0

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