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looking for playgroup for little children

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Hi there,

I'm from Belgium, Ghent, a mom with three children (twins of 5 and a little girl of 2). My children learned English in the Emirates. Now we returned to Belgium and I would like them to keep on speaking and learning English. For me it's always nice to meet new people. In the emirates the expat community organised playgroups for children and afternoon tea-party's where we all came to togheter. I suppose this must also exist in Ghent ?

Someone who can give me some contact details of the person who organizes this kind of gatherings ?

Mom of Mileen, Ywein and Linde

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    a few years later ... if anyone is still interested in setting up a playgroup, please send me an email at auyttendaeleathotmaildotcom

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    If you're interested in setting up a playgroup with other parents.
    Please mail to auyttendaeleathotmail.com

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    ... few months later... same here, my husband is British and I'm Italian. I spent the beginning of the maternity in Italy and hated it because they didn't have any activities for children.
    Now we moved in Ghent and seems the same here - well, there's something in Brussels with BCT - Brussels Child Trust.
    While I hear what a great time my friends have in the UK!

    Why don't we put one up ourselves?


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    I'm looking for the same : a playgroup in Ghent.
    My kids; 6 & 1,5 are used to speak English so this would be great. Dutch or French is also ok. We lived in Croatia and Australia before and we are also used to those playgroups who are great.
    Does anybody know more about this ?

    Txs, Micha

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