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What should I know before going to Fiji?

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I am thinking about going for vacation to Fiji, so I would like to know - are there any cultural aspects I should respect? I already heard about dressing modestly and never ever touch Fijian's head with hand or any object as the head is considered sacred... Can you give me more tips?

Thanks a lot!


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  • Edson Salomão

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    Hi Veronica!

    Fiji Islands is a wonderful place, I'm sure you will have such a great time there.

    Don't worry about cultural aspects, Fijian people are very friendly, fun and helpful, so just enjoy the paradise!

    You will be on the BEACH, so, dont't worry about modesty dressing, just wear whatever you will feel confortable thats it!

    There are a lot of backpackers travelling, couples and you will find different kind os islands, quite ones and busy ones.

    I would suggest BeachComber Island, Mana Island, Bounty Island, Manolo Island and Walu Beach. Make sure to wal around Nadi Island (the main Island where probably you will land)

    Enjoy Fiji and Bula!!!!

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    What do you say I have to visit as a tourist? I do not know if I want to go there, but maybe your information inspirational someone else :)

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    Hi mate have you been to Fiji yet or still waiting to go?..

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