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New Job Portal Site that you can Visit

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Hey everyone. I'm basically new in this forum, and I would like to share something what I have discovered here in the Philippines. There's a job portal that you can visit here to apply for a job and at the same time, to learn something about your skill set. It's WeRK.PH. You can create a profile here, plus fill up your Micro Resume and then take Microassessments in order to challenge and measure your cognitive and aptitude skills. This is being made or done in order that employers can look your scores on specific skills are. You can also enjoy it because it is Gamified.

Go visit https://werk.ph/ and sign up an account now.

  • Mary Ann Bolanos

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    Hello Anne,

    Thanks for this! I shared this to two friends. I hope you will be able to
    put in a professional photo so people will not be afraid of sending their

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