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Hola a todo el mundo! Hello everybody!

My name is Luis, and I'm a spanish chemical & industrial engineer moving to Nice next week. Im living in Barcelona at the moment and I decided moving to Nice to learn french for a couple of months and looking for a job related with my career (if that is possible!) after that.

I guess getting a technical job there is not an easy task, above all if I dont speak french (though I understand most of it as I speak catalan, quite similar), so I'm gonna focus on learning it at schook for, at least, 1 or 2 months. Anyway, it would be fun if I could meet cool people there for a language tandem so both could learn or practice other's language.

More over, if any of you know how or where may I start looking for a job related with my skills (chemical engineer, 4-5 years experience in enviromental area and urban services, english, german, spanish and catalan languages) I'd be very very very happy.

See u soon.

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  • Jaro K

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    Hi Luis,
    just wondering how your job search goes. I think that it depends on market need, whether you will be able to get a job or not in the area. Language can be an issue, but I know quite a lot people, who do not know a word from French and they have been able to land a job...
    Regarding the language improvement, except classic language courses there are also other alternatives. One of the is sessions in Cafe International every Wednesday. Basically group of people meet there to have a friendly chat over a cup of tea or glass of wine. Usually it takes two hours when first hour you speak French and second hour if you are interested you switch to English, Italian or even Russian. (Can imagine, Spanish might be alternative too :-)... It takes place in Librerie Liber The on 46 Blvd Carlone (zone Magnan) in Nice and it starts at 18:00 every Wednesday.
    Alternativelly, you can still google up a lot of expat groups where people go through the same procedure as you do.
    Regarding the job hunt, it might be a good idea to check some job portals (monster.fr, careerbuilder.fr, rapidemploi, etc.) or pay a visit to some job agencies (adecco, manpower, michael page, pole emploi). Other possibility could be social networks. Yes, even on Facebook you can find some info. Other sites are LinkedIn or Viadeo. However the best way how to land a job is still by reference, so it would be nice if you know someone local or someone who can suggest you for a vacancy.
    Hope, it had given you some new info...
    Good luck and see you around ;-)


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