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I want to play Squash

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Hi, I´m living in The Hague and since I´m here I´m not doing any sport. I played squash a lot when I was in Spain. I would like to play it again and have something different to distract my mind a bit. I know how to play squash so we just have to go and play. If you would like to play against me, let me know. I don´t have my racket here, but if I can´t borrow yours, maybe I can buy one racket. Thank you. Reagrds.

  • Lous H.

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    Hi there. Well I am not a good squashplayer ''I've played a few times'' But I still would like to learn how to play squash like a professional ;) So does your offer still stand? Loes

  • Va para perfil de Richard Duinmayer

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    Hi guys,

    First off all welcome to Holland and The Hague.

    Second i am starting a new squash club located in The Hague.

    We are looking for potential new members.

    Maybe you guys are interested in joining?

    We have a website for now it's only in Dutch (but Google can translate it for you) http://squashverenigingindenhaag.blogspot.nl/

    Please sign up, we could use some members :)

  • Paulo Ribeiro

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    Hi all!
    I used to play squash regulary when I was in Rio de Janeiro...
    I guess that I'm a little rusty considering that I don't play in the last 4 months since I arrived in The Hague.
    I would love to play again.
    I also have a spare raquet, but don't know where to play.
    If you wanna play, drop me a message.

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