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expats meetups & safety in den haag?

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I've been here for a month and a half now and haven't met many people except for my colleagues at the office. Is there a regular meetup at some pub going on as the ones that happened last year?

Also does anyone know if the area between Holand Spoor and the Centraal Station is really a dangerous place to live in? I read on wikipedia that there are many street gangs and watched some videos on youtube from people being attacked and mugged very close to where a live atm.


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    thanks for the replies, I ll try to watch out.

  • Paul E.

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    not so much activity around this website anymore for people who live in the hague... so not so much meet ups trough this website..

    the area between holland spoor and centraal is not the best area maybe. but in day and evening there as good as never problems.. if you go in the night at 4 o clock walking there.. maybe something can happen but that is in any place, i work close to holland spoor and go by bike or even by feet trough that area and never i was feeling unsafe. just don´t walk in the middel of the night with your phone, mp3 or whatever in sight. Then you should have no problems,,,

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    hey i used to live at holland spoor its really not so bad, theres couch surfing meetings every couple of weeks thats all i can think of really theyre normally put on the website xoxo

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