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Moving to Den Bosch area

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Hi @ll

We're a couple from Spain moving to Den Bosch in a few months. We're in the mid 30's and this is our first time in the Netherlands. We'll be working in Den Bosch, but we're wondering where to live in. It seems that Tilburg is a good option also. Any ideas about it?

Thanks in advance. We hope to make good friends there!

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    I just moved on in Den Bosch with my boyfriend and I can tell you how the town is beautiful and a very nice place to live!

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    Hello Spain,

    Welcome to become a Dutch citizen soon. As Den Bosch is the capital city of the Noord-Brabant district it has little to no competition in comparison with Tilburg ;-). The number of cultural events, city atmosphere and historical heritage exceeds any limit as far as spending once free time. As far more cost economic residence places i would suggest to look into an area of 5 km out of 's-Hertogenbosch. E.g. Vught, Rosmalen, Sint Michielsgestel just to mention a few.

    Hope you will find your way around soon

    Best regards,

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    Hi René

    Thanks for answering, it's so kind of you. Yes, it seems that Den Bosch is more expensive than Tilburg or the surrounding areas. Anyway it seems a better option at first

    Kind regards, Alberto

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