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Hi everyone! My name is Albert and I come from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Last year I studied in Stockholm, and I came to Den Bosch to do my Master's Thesis at a local company. It seems that they liked my work and they have hired me as a Distribute System Software Engineer! I've been living here for 5 months, and although I've met some people, they are mostly Erasmus students who are going to go back home in one month. I really would like to meet people living here and share some time together!
By the way, I will start learning dutch in a few months, so if anyone is interested in doing a language exchange please feel free to contact me!

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    Jo tambe soc de barcelona, aviam si veus eo meu misatje i hem pots ajuda una mica siuspalu, tinc 21 anys i estic a den bosch, una mica perduda amb tema idioma etc... Gracies

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