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Natali Charlemangne, Peter Chalemangne, Emanule Charlemange

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this is your aunt Bernadette better known as Benedict or baybae.From The Commonweath Of Dominica Toucarie village,now residing in New York. I am looking for you all and your mother Jeanna Vital or Charlemangne. Her father died in 1998 and her elder sister Baba 2004. I tried calling her at the number 0113-2503-34378 but I could not get through. I would like to know what is happening to you all. I have been trying to contact them through other means but to no avail.

If anyone know My sister Jeanna or her children Natalie, Peter and Emanule please reply.it has been sixteen years since I heard from her

Thank you

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    Bernadette Vital looking for Jeanna my sister and her family.I hav'nt spoken to her in sixteen years, since the death of our mother in 1993. She hav'nt been in touch with none of siblens Stevenson, Paul, Juliana and I. We are very concern about them.

    If any one know my sister Jeanna Vital /Charlemangne or Nattlie, Peter.Emanuel Charlemangne reply please

    Thank you

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