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What should I know before moving to Lithuania?

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Hi all,

I just received an interesting job offer to move to Lithuania for one year. It's very tempting offer, but also it's for relatively long time. I would like to ask those of you who moved to Lithuania - what do you wish that you knew before you moved there?

Thank you for your answer!


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    I don't understand why people are commenting negative things, I think they must have had a very bad experience which is one in a million, or maybe it was their fault because they did not want ti integrate. Even I was accepted very well, taking to consideration that I am from Russia and Russian foreign policy towards other countries is awful.

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    I am angry at those people who say it is not worth moving to Lithuania, because this country now is my home (before i lived in USA) , I work in institution and go in the evenings sightseeing Vilnius and going to parties http://kur.lt/renginiai at night. Now i can say- I'm in LOVE with Vilnius!

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    I have no idea with what kind of ppl U r interacting, but with all respect I can claim that U r wrong about this "racism" thing. The only nation lithuanians r feuding a bit r the Polish. And not because They r hated for the Nationality,it's because They r trying to overstep laws of Lithuania and create theirs.They r still claiming,that "Vilnius is 4 the Polish!". So i think anyone in that kind of situation would defend the capital and identity of lithuanians. In fact, in our country there r so many immigrants,different cultures that we r even not noticing them - They r like any other person. And look to the Universities - they r full of exchange programs,that widens up ppl's mind..The question is the how did U survive here 10 years and did not left if "we r such rasists"? U r living here, so please be respectful and don't say that we hate "all and everybody". It's a total nonsense.

  • Henri Ghoussoub

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    Yes Young people here are really open on the world and really friendly :)
    the older ones they don't like you because you are alien.
    And the lows and the migration they hate because you want to mix there blood.After more than 10 years in Lithuania i can assure,you can live anywhere,bot not in Lithuania,be sure they are racist very very racist,and if you are to look for living as foreigner,never come to Lithuania,here you are an alien for real,i rely don't understand how they voted for the European union,they hate all and everybody,even there neighbors.Lithuanian citizen ho was here and took the pass here is there enemy...only that he is from origin Poles. So help yourself and go anywhere else,live happy and don't forget to say this for all the people that you know.Sorry Asta just yesterday on labas rytas it was about this ...only 18% like to talk with foreigners in Lithuania,48 % don't want to talk work or study with them,so rest i mean 34 % don't want even to hear about aliens...

  • Henri Ghoussoub

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    Hi ,you better not come to Lithuania as student,now the universities here are 1 of the most expensive in Europe,and from next year you will i mean all student will have to pay sodra every month,most of student are going to study elsewhere so why you should come here

  • Babak Firouzi

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    Could you please tell me about universities in Lithuania?
    I had some research about this country and I like to be there as a student in a university.

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    Well Lithuania is a really great country so you should definitly take this opportunity to discover it, especially if it's in the capital, Vilnius. (smaller cities can be boring for expats as they are really little)

    Lithuanian are people quite cold at the beggining but once you will begin to know us, I am sure you will love us.
    If you move there, I will also advice you to learn some lithuanian, it's better to communicate.
    I also hope you love basket, it's the second religion of our country!

    Otherwise what else do you need to know... Like that I don't know ;) I think there is not so much specificities in Lithuania.

    Don't listen to Daniel H, Lithuania is not changing bad, it's the contrary! Young people here are really open on the world and really friendly :) The only problem is that too much are going to live abroad but otherwise the rest is great!

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    Do not do it. Lithuania is changed to bad.

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