• Lithuanian people and Lithuanian mentality

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    Hello, dear Arturas Puicious.

    Why did you say that Lithuanians are cold people?
    I have heard that Lithuanians are kind & hospitable people...
    What finally goes for?
    And how come on the one hand Lithuanias (men) shake hands with you (as you said) and on the other hand they are cold and cautious?
    What finally goes for?
    Are Lithuanians cold and unfriendly with foreigners or warm and hospitable?
    Are they more friendly and warm with Christians in comparison with people of another religion?

    Do you happen to know what the basic monthly salary is in Lithuania and if that salary can be a living wage simultaneously?
    I'm trying to understand the standard of living in Lithuania and whether in Lithuania there is a poverty for most Lithuanians or not...

    Finally, are Lithuanians in general terms religious?
    I mean do they attend church every Sunday or only the elderly people?

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