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Hi guys !! I´m new member, can you help out ? I got this job in lux in November 2012, i´m married and 3 children,i wonder if ok to take my wife and kids to lux ???? Live is expensive hum, as also the apartmants ?? Thank you all, be safe and happpy :)

  • Kim Schuller

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    Hello Raul,

    It doesn't look like anyone has answered you yet, so I'll try. I personally would definitely recommend to take your family to Luxembourg. It is a very safe place, and also, there are a lot of people from Portugal living there, and you'll hear your language spoken a lot. I understand housing is pretty expensive, but I'm not sure how to compare. Since you'll be working there, maybe you will be earning a little more accordingly? There are a lot of houses and apartments listed on athome.lu, and you can search by area, rent amount, etc. Maybe with all the other Portuguese in the country you could find a group that specializes in helping out new arrivals from your country.

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