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Just Landed - Feedback, Suggestions and Bugs

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Help us improve the Just Landed Community! We're looking for feedback, critizism or suggestions for future enhancements.

If you find any bugs or things that seem to wrong, please post them in this discussion as well. When posting a bug (problem), please tell us which browser you're using.

Please post your feedback in English so other community members can understand it as well. Thanks!

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    Thanks for your feedback, Tania. Besides the community (which you're on right now), we also have specific guides for different countries (click on the guide tab above), one of them for Oman. These include practical information on moving abroad and a directroy of service providers. We update this information as often as we can.

    @Dorota: Thanks for your feedback as well. We will enhance the privacy options in the near future.


  • Dorota ...

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    It was a really great idea to create "Community". Congratulations:)
    The site is more "alive" thanks to it, communication and sharing experience or opinion among people who use the site is very important. But I agree with Irene about the privacy. It is obviously sometimes better not to mix business contacts and private friends..

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    Hi Irene,

    the different privacy setting for different type of friends could indeed make sense. However, instead of setting these for each individual friend (which might get a little complicated to understand), we could think about different "friend types" which you could assign to your friends (i.e. private friend vs. business contact). This way you could set your privacy settings for different friend types in one go.

    About the friend alerts in recent activities, we will check this.

    So much to do and so little time ...

  • Irene Höppner


    Postado por  Irene Höppner em Mundo forum 

    Hi Daniel,

    I really like the way you use the lightboxes here :-).

    Greets, Irene

  • Irene Höppner

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    Hi Daniel,

    some thoughts about the privacy settings:
    - I would like to decide who can see my private contact data for each community member differently. Otherwise no one will ever see them because parts of "my friends" will probably be business partners.
    - It's the same with the information who are "my friends". If I changed my privacy setting in a way that nobody can see "My friends", will adding a friend not be listed in the recent activities too?


  • Javascript

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    Hi Volker,
    thanks for this tip, we'll do this!

  • Volker Bohmer


    Postado por  Volker Bohmer em Mundo forum 

    Hi Daniel,
    you need to check whether Javascript is enabled (and show a message). Otherwise the selection of the language, sports, interests, etc. is not possible.

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    Hehehe, I agree with Volker. Kind of makes sense, doesn't it? ;-)

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