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Plan to Visit Nigeria

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Hi, I am planning to travel to Nigeria (Kanu), would be appreciated if you can tell the precautions that should be taken by new visitors, in which city where can i find the oil companies, and also where is the industrial area for hides and skins.

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  • Mary Oki

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    As regards your visit to Nigeria,it will be better you go through a travel agent.I work for one if you will like to use a travel agent,they are in the best position to put you through as regards your trip.please contact me via +2348034230854or email me at [...]

  • Va para perfil de Rachel Falade

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    Are you going there to visit a friend or on business. If you do not know anyone, ring the Nigerian High Commission in your country to get information on oil companies and where you can get hide and skin. It will be better for you to speak to those companies before you travel. All the best

  • Chimankpam Chinda

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    Dear friends Nigeria is an oil producing country known round the globe, it is divide into five regions namely; the north, south, east, west and the middle belt. the south which is known as the oil Niger/delta region that produces oil and it is a rich place and it has several rivers and lack. it is made up of some state like BAYELSA, RIVERS STATE, DELTA, EDO, AKWA IBOM, CROSS RIVERS, AND ONDO STATE. these are the oil producing states in Nigeria. and it is close to the Atlantic ocean. find yourself here and various multi national companies in competition on oil marketing and production. The people are peace love people and they can accommodate.

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