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Palmistry & Astrology are among the oldest forms of occults sciences, which allow a skilled person to guide you in your personality & character, knowledge & education, profession & career, wealth & finance, love & affairs, marriage & children, health & diseases and international travelling & foreign nationality. These sciences also allow a skilled person to read your past events & mistakes, know about your present circumstances, and also predict your future opportunities & threats.

This is IMRAN SAEED, qualified as MBA in marketing sciences and a Professional Astrologer & Hand Analyst with true expertises and international repute. I have spent 12 long years in studying, learning, exploring, researching, experimenting and practicing Palmistry & Astrology, and now providing my professional services all over the world by charging a very nominal fee.

Most of my personal, national & international predictions have proven true over the times and have been praised by the people. I am doing Palmistry & Astrology programmes on different TV channels and regularly writing my monthly forecast on Pakistan in NAWA-I-WAQT (Family Magazine)

You can read my interview in INDIAN famous newspaper "Mid-Day" about my predictions on BENAZIR BHUTTO, made on 20th November, declaring November & December as negative time for her. Further the description of planetary condition & aspects of her horoscope on 27th December, which caused her assassination.


You can also read my exclusive interview in Naw-I-Waqt (Family Magazine) 14-June-To-20-June (Page # 22).


You can also read my monthly forecast on Pakistan in Naw-I-Waqt (Family Magazine) every month.


My personal consultancy is detailed information on your complete life, with complete counselling, consoling and guidance, along with Astro-remedies of your problem through specific charity and gemstone. People from all over the world including India, Australia, America, England & Canada are taking benefit of my online services and improving their lives.

Good Luck,

Astrologer & Hand Analyst
Columnist Nawa-I-Waqt (Family Magazine)



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