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Cost of living in Poland

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Hey, everybody!

I'm going to spend 3 months in Poland (January to March)in an internship program and I should chose between Poznan and Warsaw to live. What about the cost of living in these cities? Which one is the cheapest? Is it possible to measure how much I should take?

Thanks guys!

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    Check here: http://www.expatistan.com/

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    Hi Guilherme,

    It depends how flamboyant your lifestyle is. Assuming you're on tight budget but still want some level of quality I'll give you sample prices from Warsaw.

    If you want to rent a room in a shared flat in Warsaw it's ~600PLN per month. Studios are in the range 1000-1500PLN per month. You probably will need to give refundable deposit equal to the monthly rent fee.

    Food is quite cheap if you buy from Lidl / Tesco / Auchan. Sample prices:

    - apples 2.30 / kg,
    - cheese ~25 / kg
    - bananas - 3.90 / kg
    - 400 mln yoghurt - 1.90,
    - raw chiken breast - ~25 /kg
    - good quality smoked ham - ~55 / kg

    As for food etc I would say you could go by spending 700-900PLN per month and live quite decent life. Add some more for extras like beer (~9PLN in pubs) and eating out (from 25PLN up for main dish) from time to time.


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