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Rough costings for building works

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Hi, Sure I'm not the first to post with these kind of questions, but couldn't find anything with a search so here goes.

Looking to move to Portugal in the next six months to a year and am curious about the costings for various bits and bobs, as am trying to work out the relative virtues of restoring somewhere. So, for something like this: http://www.pureportugal.co.uk/property/land12-tripeiro-house
/, what kind of cost would I be looking at for:

> a new roof
> checking/redoing electrics
> checking redoing plumbing

Otherwise, what kind of costs do these run at:
> a septic tank (price for tank and installation)
> a boiler (price for boiler and installation)
> bog standard basic bathroom (shower, loo, bath)
> bog standard basic kitchen
> solar panels + installation
> plasterer - hourly rates

Thanks in advance for any help!

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