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Is there space for us in Azores...?

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Hi everyone posting and answering here.
I'm glad I found this site and there's so many english speakers here !

As many of you, I got tired living in the overcrowded city and decided to try to move our family to Azores.
My wife and I have been living in South West England for over 12 years now but we fell in love with Azores after just couple of weeks we spent on Faial and Pico. Obviously it's a big move for us, specially now, having a child not to mention two dogs... But I feel more courages seeing other people doing the same and succeeding :)

So, what I was hoping for is to maybe find few new contacts here, get some advise and few questions answered.

Myself, I'm a creative currently working as a design producer, specialising in branding, advertising, graphic design and engaging communities through art and design. I'd be working via internet a lot but I was wondering if anybody's got any thoughts on the local niche/market.. If you're running small business in Azores, do you feel you're lacking creative advise/expertise in fields like: web design, promo materials design, branding etc?

My other concern is education. Does anyone moved to Azores from English speaking country with a child(ren)? Was the language barrier hard to overcome for your child(ren)? My daughters' first language is English but she's also fluent in Polish (we're from Poland originally) so I'm hoping she'd pick Portuguese quite quickly. However, I am worry the first few months in school with foreign language might be tough... Any thoughts..?

I'd much appreciate any advice, contacts as well as hellos and good lucks:)


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