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Sewerage Regulations Sao Miguel

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Hi there, my partner and I are going to be moving to Sao Miguel in February to start a guest house. I just wanted to ask if anyone knew anything about the sewerage regulations on Sao Miguel. Are most properties that are not near major towns on septic tank systems? Has anyone here installed one themselves? We just wanted to factor this into the budget and design for our build. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Joel and Marie

  • Kevin Barry

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    Hi Joel a lot of people in older properties have septic system but most renovations go into the public sewage and treated..I've got a building now that has a septic but we're turning it into an Irish pub and grill with 2 apartments and plumbing it into the City mains..We're also doing guesthouses and a boutique hotel here in Vila Franca do Campo..if you need anything more please email me.. [...]. Best regards. and welcome to paradise.. Kevin

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