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Which Island?

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I would like to hear what factors led into your decision to what island to live on. I’ve done lots of research on climate, geography etc. But what were the deeper factors that led you to select the island you live on? Things like community, restaurants, cost of living and any subjective things that don’t show up in a google search.

Thanks and hope to join you soon.

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    Best of luck to you Mark! I hope you find a nice place. Let us know where you end up.

  • Mark Yozie

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    I would be moving from West Virginia, United States. Hospital location is a good tip considering that I’m replying to your message from a hospital bed! I broke my leg hiking.

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    Hello Mark. I started looking at the Azores @ 18 years ago as a place to retire. Once I hit 40 years old (I am 51 now) people I knew in their 40s started dying from heart attacks.Before then I was looking at Pico, Falial and Santa Marie islands.

    It started occurring to me; do I really want to be on a remote island when a 'cardiac event' (or something else life threatening) occurs? Now we are only considering Sao Miguel and Teciera islands. Before we do anything we want to spend time on each island renting and exploring.

    Where would you be moving from?

    Good luck!

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