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Need for joiner / carpenters in Albufeira. Is there any?

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Hi, as you can see I am new to the forum and as usual am looking for as much advice as possible. Firstly would be looking for a 2-3 bedroom flat/house to base myself and family. Any good sites to check? Would like to set up my own business as a joiner in southern Algarve, preferably around the Albufeira area but it is difficult to know if there is the need! I have had encouraging feedback from other forums but am trying to collate as much info as possible. Eg: Accommodation, suppliers for materials, places to advertise to gain work, ideas of pricing etc. I have been over twice and am planning another trip over soon and am in the process of trying to grasp the basics of the language. The reason we are moving is because we love the area so much and think it would be better to bring my children up in th Algarve rather than the east end of Glasgow. Any advice would be greatly welcomed.


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