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How are property prices in Portugal?

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In Belgium you pay a lot for a property. A detached house in the countryside costs around 350 000 euros! How Much do you pay in Portugal for a rural house at the countryside? Are the prices reasonable and are there regions where you can do bargains?

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  • Saul Rodrigues

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    Where do you find the best bargains.

    In the center of Portugal you usually get better deals.

    North: too crowded, small properties and much higher densities. Former emigrants bought many properties.
    Center: the region called "Beiras". The best deals are usually here. The land is fertile. There is water in most places, and the population density is average. In many towns you may find cheap rural properties. In most cases, the ideal is to buy a house in the town and the land in its surroundings. Historically, everyone use to live in the towns and the arable land were set up around the towns. Cheaper houses need restoration.
    Lisbon surroundings: expensive. It is the preferred area for the agricultural businesses by the proximity to customers. With luck and persistence you may find a bargain, in towns 100km far from Lisbon.
    Alentejo: mostly composed of huge parcels of land. In most places, small properties are simply not available. And the region got fashionable so the prices increased. And it's too hot in the summer for most people. Get ready to 40' celsius.
    Algarve: That is where most foreigners from Nothern European countries went years ago. The arable areas are 40km far from the seashore. A bit expensive.

  • Saul Rodrigues

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    Even though the question was posted long time ago, more people may have the same question now. So it goes.

    In the countryside houses are definitely cheaper here.
    A house in the country, with 3 bedrooms will cost you less than 100.000€. In some places you will be able to find houses needing for repair for 40.000€, in in countryside areas. A 10.000 m2 property will cost in most places less than 20.000€. A house in a 10.000€ property with fruit trees can be bought for less than 100.000€ in most places.

    Note that prices in the rural areas change according to various aspects such as:
    Distance to the main cities and distance to the motorways. The properties closer to the main motorways may cost much more.
    Availability of water. If there is water and a mechanical pump to take it out, it values the property.
    Trees. The existence of trees, especially the valuable ones are a plus and may increase the value of the property.
    The location of the property or the house in the town or on its surroundings. A house in a small town will always cost more than an equivalent house in the surroundings. SInce you will need to use a car to your day to day life. That is why I written up that a house with land can cost the same as a house without some land. Because houses with some arable terrain will be usually outside the towns.

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