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Hello everyone!
Starting from next week I will move in Lisboa to work. I guess I will live there at least 3 months, so I need to know some info to survive...
For example: are the supermarkets open till late? Are there some area dangerous or not recommended for a girl alone?

By the way, I don't speak Portuguese but the Company that hires me the job will offer a language course. Hopefully my learning skills are not in lethargie... :)

I am so excited and a bit confused for my departure!

  • Paulo Martins

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    Im Portuguese and i live in Sintra near Lisboa. If you need something please tell me ok? Just now i arrived from London and i now whats the meaning "help me" in another country...:)))
    mail email is [...], if you want we can speak by msn.

    have a nice trip
    Portugal is beautiful

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