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    Yes, electricity can be quite expensive, if you do not care to save on light bulbs, if you keep the heating on and so on. Many people here with big empty houses, such as the elderly, have rooms and could rent them, however they don't do it for being afraid of the electricity (and water in some cases) costs.
    For instance, I live with my father in a good insulated house and we use propane gas to cook. We spent between 60€ and 90€ per month during the winter, and most of the days we don't turn the heating on.
    While I was living with my wife and daughter, we use to spend roughly 80€ per month, all year long. And always saving on electricity: using led lamps, ironing and washing clothes only in the evening period to take advantage of the lower night tariff.
    The price of water is different everywhere, according to the "municipio" you live in. Here, we spent roughly 40€ per month. With my wife, in another municipio, we never spent more than 30€, with a small garden, and with the three of us taking showers every day (of course).
    In the smaller towns water is much cheaper.
    Oh, by the way... propane gas costs 25€ per bottle. A couple, using it to cook and two showers per day should spent a bottle per month, more or less.

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