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    Electrcity in Portugal is veryvery expensive this is also a reason for not being possible to rent low cost rooms as all students i'v had be it summer or winter had no care abut spending my electricity. so as an example i have abill of 280€ recently with only a room rented.
    well they dont care about leting all bulbs on when they go kooking so they let all the room on the hall on and arriving to thekitchen every bulb on so imagine.

    also we cannot offer a real heating of 25 degrees as you have in Euroope. the heaters i put in the rooms are to kill the extreme cold.But i had a spanish student that arrived turned it on at the maximu and slept. So when i went to his room to tell something it was reality hot...
    and its very difficult to make you people understand thisproblem

    BTW if you need a room contact me
    in the very ceter in an old and beautiful building with a lovely balcony !
    and a cat!

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