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need an invitation letter

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Hello everyone!

This is my first post here.

I am an Iranian citizen and planning to visit Romania for about 10 days with my friends this summer.

After we going to embassy of Romania in Tehran, they said that we must have an invitation letter from Romania.

I don't know anyone in Romania, so what should I do? Can you help us?

We must see this beautiful country!

Any help is greatly appreciated

  • Va para perfil de shafqat ali

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    Hi guy's, I need invition leter from romaina I need help please I want to visit to romaina but the embassy need invition latter, I m pakistani national living in dubai any one can help me please send me email. Thanks and regards

  • Va para perfil de shafqat ali

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    Hi everyone. I would like to visit to romaina but today when I went to romanian embassy they ask me I need invition latter,I really want to visit to romaina so guys please help me I m holding pakistani passport living in dubai please if anyone can help please contact me on 00971559596900, or send me email on [...]. Thanks

  • Va para perfil de edome victor

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    Who can help me????


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    Dear Madam Adriana Slivneanu i need a help for Romania visa


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    any one who can help me for Romania or Ukraine invitation letter ???????
    my email is : [...]
    please email or post me

  • Va para perfil de Mohamed Hamza

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    please mail me how you can help me getting the Romanian invitation visa asap

  • Va para perfil de Albert Desouja

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    Hi Adriana,

    I am planning to travel Romania on Tourist Visa but as per Romania Embassy in India I have to provide them invitation endorsed by the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

    So please if you can help me to provide that Invitation then please reply me and also tell me what is the procedure and fees.

    Kind Regards

    Albert Desouja
    Delhi, India

  • ahmad shaban

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    hello there .. my name is ahmad am from jordan but i live in dubai .. i was looking for an invitation letter to vest romania and i'v seen your post >> i know that is to old post .. but i say lets ask .. if its ok with you and if you can help me ..
    if not ?? i wold love to say say am sorry from the buttom of my heart to pother you ..
    have a nice evening

  • badro 007

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    Greetings regards readers :))

    i'm Gaz-oil Engineer from Algeria , i want really to visit romania for next 2 months.
    I like to travel so much , now i decided this time, that i will visit romania , i heard about it many good thinks.

    So in Algeria , The Romania Embassy need that invitation letter ( Original Copy)

    I search Too much in the net , but i dont find yet ,

    so if there are someone can offer it to me i will be so happy , and i will thank him so much for heis great offer.

    Best regards
    Your Firend Didine
    E-mail : [...]

    dont histate and write to me , ( with letter or without ) you all welcome :)))

    bye !!!! :))

  • Va para perfil de adnan razzaq

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    hello sir i want to come to romania as i work with AK&R TRADING in DUBAI i deal with leather jackets of very good quality and hoping that i get business invitation for three people.
    i hope that you would be able to help us out.
    thank you

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